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Water Break King is a very short prototype made in 2 Weeks.

During a 2 weeks training about team management we had to create a prototype of a game. The game didn't realy matter ,it was more focused on working schedules, presentation, roleplay and stress management. 

I am a 3D artist and Steven Karl M is a 3D animator. Together we had to create everything from scratches for training our weak skills.

Steven Karl M was responsible for all the system blueprints (Camera folow character , double jump ,next level, moving platform...), the animations, the Sounds' choice and integration, the particule fx, beta test.

I was responsible for the background story, the artistic direction , the Git assistant ;D, the Level design, the character and the asset creation, the setdressing , the lighting, the shaders and 2 blueprint (Partial savegame/"treasure hunts)

Of course decisions were taken together.

Grass, tree and rocks were imported from a shop.

We hope that you will enjoy this small game.

More information on : https://tristansiodlak.com/

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Install instructions

After unpack the RAR lanch via the Exe.
The name is Formation_Lead.exe sorry it was the name of the project when we start.

Keyboard Controls:

W --- Move Forward      S --- Move Backward

A --- Move on Left          D --- Move on Right

Space --- Jump and double jump

Mouse rotate view

Xbox Pad Controls :

Classical controls


Water_Break_King V0.2.rar 236 MB

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